A long time ago I saw an obscure random website from some Scandinavian country I believe, that had a collection of weird images; every now and then they uploaded some new image. It had a simple ‘next’ ‘previous’ navigation to skim through those silly, very old funny/random images. I can’t remember the url or the name of that site. The first time I saw it was 2008.

I got the idea from that website, basically, to put out into the wild something similar: a stupid website with a stupid name (minivaxx.com), but it had a different name and domain name back in 2008.

See, the thing is that I started with this whole website development and design thing when I was in highschool. But then I only thought of it as a hobby, nothing more. One good day out of the blue I got a call from a friend in 2007 or 2006 offering me a job as a web designer. I taught myself some front-end development languages, inlcluding CSS and that’s when it occurred to me I could actually make a living out of doing websites.

It’s so weird you are even here.